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The Gehrkes and the Guthries


In July of 1921, Margaret and Edward Gehrke, from Lincoln, Nebraska set of on their first three-month journey covering more than seven thousand miles touring the national parks. Over the next seventeen years, Margaret and Edward traveled with various dogs to 27 of the 28 National Parks. Along the way, Edward photographed the parks while Margaret wrote in her travel journal. They added park stickers to the windshields of a parade of new Buicks.

Our plan is similar to the Gehrkes’. But now there are 58 National Parks. During the next seven years, we plan to visit and hike in all of them with friends and family and anyone else who would like to join us. For the Guthries, we travel without a dog, in one 2005 Prius while posting on a website instead of writing in a journal.

To do this successfully over the next seven years, we need your help. If you have visited any of the National Parks on this site, we ask you to please add your comments and one or two of your favorite photos. We’d love to hear your suggestions about accommodations, restaurants, trails and “not to be missed sights.”

This project is a work in progress and the journey has just begun. Want to join us for a park?

Donna Guthrie,
December 1, 2009

img with car and stickers
The ecstasy one feels when he is going into the mountains that lie ahead…the steady purr of a speeding car that bears on past unfamiliar fields…the freedom!” The Joy! Margaret Gehrke , 1921
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